The family behind

Lac-Saint-Jean wild
blueberry producers

The Plourde family, from Albanel north of Lac-Saint-Jean, acquired their first blueberry farm at the turn of 2014. The following year, brothers Johnny and David, accompanied by their father Jean-Claude, founded the Bleuet Royal company and focused their commercial activities on the harvest and distribution of fresh wild blueberries. The company quickly set itself apart through the quality of its berries and the efficiency of its operations.

Today, Bleuet Royal is a major player in the fresh wild blueberry industry and distributes in more than 300 points of sale across Quebec from July to September.

The Idea Behind VERIFRUIT

Making wild blueberries available year-round

The first discussions about the creation of VERIFRUIT were a long time ago! The entrepreneurs had already been thinking for a few years about a way to make their tasty products accessible all year round. In 2021, they finally launched the VERIFRUIT brand and marketed dark chocolate-covered frozen blueberries. Unique in Quebec, VERIFRUIT offers its customers innovative products with exceptional taste, regardless of the season.

In addition to wild blueberries, the company’s current offer includes frozen raspberries and strawberries covered in dark chocolate. Made of simple, premium quality ingredients, VERIFRUIT’s three delicious flavours combine pleasure and balance!


Offer a premium product made from real fruit combining pleasure and good health.


We have established rigorous methods and processes to ensure the quality of our products. From the production of wild blueberries to the delivery of the chocolate-covered fruit, we make sure we have the best quality every step of the way.
To us, authenticity means the promise of offering products made with simple, premium quality ingredients, without additives, artificial flavours or preservatives. It also shines through every day in the actions and words of all members of our team.
Integrity, respect and honesty are core company values that dictate how we conduct ourselves with our customers, employees and partners.